Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Helping our local community

Here at Tinsdills we believe it’s all about people. That’s why we have a long established Corporate Social Responsibility to give back where we can and to look after our environment. As well as boosting the local community by employing around 100 staff across our four offices, we also endeavour to stay connected to local community projects and environmental initiatives. Our Corporate Social Strategy outlines the measures we are taking as a firm to reduce our impact on the local environment, it also details the positive impact we make through our initiatives for our clients, our staff and the environment.

We also act for trade unions and union members on a variety of legal matters helping to maintain close links with local people.

Our clients and staff

As we continually strive to improve the service our clients receive, we endeavour to give them a high quality client experience at the same time as creating a friendly and supportive environment for our staff. This is instilled through our Client Care Bond and we believe our Client feedback speaks for itself. We are an equal opportunities employer bosting an Investors In People accreditation for over 10 years.

Our suppliers

We are committed to using local suppliers as much as possible, thus supporting the local economy and also helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Tinsdills Corporate Charity

We have supported Douglas Macmillan Hospice as our chosen charity for a number of years, more recently we have developed a stronger Corporate Partnership, achieving a bronze award for donation in 2018.

As our company continues to grow and expand, with our four branches covering the breadth of Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Leek and Sandbach as well as their surrounding areas, it is the perfect opportunity to expand our community involvement and try to do something new. In 2019 Tinsdills decided to take a different approach and support various local charities throughout Staffordshire and Cheshire, instead of focusing on one.

Supporting charities/community involvement 

This year, Tinsdills sponsored the Douglas Macmillan’s 5k held at World of Wedgwood. Supporters could either walk or run the 5k and ask friends and family to support them by donating to the charity.

Throughout the year, staff members have also attended charity golf days and sponsored Leek Rugby Club, the junior’s team.

Tinsdills decided that for Douglas Macmillan’s ‘Bring a Pound’, we would create a balloon tombola. Staff were asked to donate a prize, whether it was silly, tasty or smelly, so that we could number each gift for the raffle. Folded up pieces of paper were then put into blown up balloons, some with a number on and some blank. Staff paid a donation of £1 per balloon, they then popped their chosen balloon and if there was a number on their folded paper, collected their prize. Tinsdills managed to raise £129.20.

We also wanted to support a smaller charity, that wouldn’t get as many generous donations. Alice is a local charity which supports vulnerable children and families within the communities of Stoke-On-Trent, to develop both independence and resilience. Alice’s People’s Pantry provides a three-day emergency supply of food, baby products and toiletries to local families who find themselves without the basic living essentials they desperately need. They are actively breaking the cycle of poverty and ensuring that the impacts hardship can bring has minimal effect on the children. Throughout November, Tinsdills collected non perishable items that we could donate to the charity.

For Children In Need, Tinsdills had a dress down day, staff members could come in more comfy attire than what they usually wear to work! To help Children In Need raise more money, Tinsdills also did ‘how many sweets in the jar’, it was £1 a go, where they had to pick a number of the square chart of how many sweets they thought were in the jar. After some staff members having 5 goes at guessing, we finally had a winner. Tinsdills managed to raise £109.64!

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