Claims for Loss of Dependency Following Death

What Is The Fatal Accidents Act?

The Fatal Accident Act 1976, put simply, is the ‘Right of action for a wrongful act causing death.’

Loss Of Dependency Claims Specialists

The purpose of these claims is for individuals in a family relationship (spouses, partners, children and step children, amongst others) to be able to claim for anything ‘reasonably expected’ because of the family relationship, that would have continued had the person still been alive.

Tinsdills have considerable experience dealing with these claims, and are therefore ideally placed to help you should you wish to claim for Loss of Dependency following death.

We understand that losing a loved one, and someone to whom you were so close, is a very difficult situation to find yourself in. However, the practicalities of life mean that you, as the person left behind, may need to make a claim for loss of dependency in order to carry on, whatever your circumstances may be.

Fortunately, Tinsdills are experts in claims for dependency following death, and are able to help you today.

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Considerations For Loss Of Dependency Claims

medical negligence claims

In cases of dependency claims, two elements need to be considered:

  • A claim by the Estate on behalf of the deceased;
  • A claim by any people financially dependent on the deceased party at the time of their death.

Because of our extensive experience with claims, and having worked on many different cases, we can be sure to offer you a first class experience every step of the way. We have a strong track record of getting the best possible results for clients, and you can be sure that we will fight for you every step of the way.

If a person suffers a fatal injury following an accident at work, the compensation will not go straight into the estate. When you get in touch with us, we will ask you questions about your particular circumstances, to get to know you better, and to be best placed to advise you properly on your chances of success for a claim for Loss of Dependency following death.

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